Sewer lines are a trouble to resolve. They can break, causing various issues for homeowners. When your drain line isn’t operating properly, you don’t need to take hours trying to figure out what you need to fix or who to call for help.

If our ducts have been damaged and are situated beneath an open grassy area of your property. In this scenario, they are able to be repaired by simply getting rid of the dirt surrounding it and replacing the damaged section that is the pipe. But, the process becomes more difficult when you have to replace or repair sewer or water pipes that leak underneath the slab of concrete.

The blog article will show you how to fix the broken sewer line yourself!

Indications Of A Collapsed Sewer Pipe Beneath A Slab

If your sewer line is leaking from beneath the concrete floor, then there’s a high possibility that it’s due to an issue. Check for these signs:

Flooding in the House

The consequences of water damage vary however, it’s usually costly. In the event that the drain pipe is damaged or leaks within your home water damage may happen. The mold can spread to the floors or walls for one of the primary indicators. This could indicate that a malfunctioning plumbing system in the house may have caused further damages, in which scenario you must call an experienced plumber immediately.

Drainage Issues

Even if a tap or shower runs straight into the primary sewage line you will be able to identify a blockage in the primary sewer line if several drainage points within your home are blocked. If strange noises of gurgling are generated when air is pulled through the sewage system, toilets could indicate a significant blockage.

A Foul-Smelling Or Flooded Yard

If the yard in your home is submerged it could be due to an issue with your sewage line. Sewer lines can be constructed in depths up to 6 feet beneath the ground, according to local authorities. Pipes that are deep are required for warmer climates. Water seeps through lawns and dries around the sewer pipes below the surface when pipes leak. You may be able to smell sewage gas leaks through your lawn’s soil before it shows.

If you spot any of these signs you are likely to find that sewer lines aren’t draining correctly under the concrete slab.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

You might not be aware of how sewer lines may get damaged. There are a variety of reasons why these pipes could break, for example:

Tree Roots And Other Debris

If sewer lines are buried beneath the lawns and gardens in which trees or vegetation grow, they usually arrive due to the paws (or the roots) of trees with large roots which push them to the point that they break apart. Similar problems can occur whenever sewer lines have been set too close to trees; root growth over time may cause damage to pipes. If you notice any signs that you’ve noticed an intrusion of roots into your sewer system and it’s not yet been able to break apart, contact an expert before further damage is caused!


Concrete slabs’ pipes tend to last around 40-60 years. If the sewer lines that are in your home are older than this, then you may be dealing with a pipe that’s in danger of breaking up and causing all kinds of issues.

Ground Movement

Sewer pipes also can break due to excessive ground changes is occurring over time, for example, shifting or settling soil under concrete slabs. It’s usually because sewer lines aren’t protected enough protection against elements like freezing temperatures and water intrusion in the areas they’re located below the surface of the earth.

How To Deal With A Broken Sewage Pipe in Your House

Locate A Broken Pipe

Being aware of the whereabouts of your sewage line can assist you in dealing with broken or clogged sewer lines that are located at the home or in your business. The sewer pipe can be easily located in the event that you are able to access the crawl space underneath your house or in the basement. For homes that are built on slab-based foundations, this tubes may be more difficult to locate. Locating where your home or business’s sewage pipes are situated is a crucial initial step in identifying the issue (and aiding the professional plumber in finding the root of the issue).

Try To Clear The Clogged Drain

A sewage line could become blocked for a variety of reasons however toilet roll waste, grease hair and soapsuds are among the most frequent culprits. If the blockage is affecting many drains within your home or workplace and you have a plumber’s snake could be able of dislodging the obstruction. In some instances, tiny obstructions could be easily removed. If your efforts to clear the pipe fail you should call an expert plumber. The use of a plumber’s snake or draining chemicals too often could cause more damage to the pipeline.

Assessing The Damage

It is possible to get a clear understanding of the extent of damage to your sewer line when you’ve spoken to an expert plumber. In addition to blocked pipes sewer lines could break or break in many different ways.

There could be an obstruction in your sewage pipes which prevents the pipes from working correctly. The sewage line can be damaged when you plant trees and shrubs too close in time, when roots begin to take root. Pipe breaks are also frequent for family members who flush excessive paper in the toilet. A damaged pipe in the sewage system could be the result of a subpar flushing.

Broken Sewage Pipes Must Be Fixed Or Replaced

It’s difficult to fix or replace broken sewer lines on your own, particularly in the event that you’re not a skilled plumber. In the event that the pipe continues to be broken, it can result in the leaking of wastewater through the pipes and flooding your home or business.

Sewer Line Replacement

A sewer line that is severely damaged may eventually have to be completely replaced. If your sewer lines are damaged inside your house or workplace will likely need to be cleared prior to the installation of new lines is possible.

Fixing A Broken Sewage Pipe

If your sewer lines are still broken even after trying every option get an expert plumber immediately! The earlier sewer lines are repaired by a skilled technician as well as the lesser damage it’ll cause, and the more affordable repairs will be beneficial for homeowners.

Sewer pipelines that are damaged must be fixed quickly when water leaks occur infrequently throughout your home or property or property. Otherwise, flooding could result from wastewater flows flowing into your business or home. Many homeowners have sewer pipelines repaired by plumbers in sewer repair and line replacement for commercial properties, homes, apartment buildings, townhomes/condominiums, and more.

Pipe Lining

A few hundred meters of the inflatable tube, which is coated with epoxy, could be introduced into the line in case the damage is not too severe. After it has cured and hardened cures, the tube is inflated and then pressed against the current wastewater system. Leaks are repaired when the epoxy cures as it is pressing against the wastewater system because of the pressure. Repairs to the sewage line can be done after taking out from the tube that is inflatable.

Pipe Bursting

If your sewer line is damaged beyond fix, replacements without trenches may be installed as an alternative to pipelines. A cone-shaped pipe is fed into the existing line and the pipe is damaged while being replaced with a fresh one. The trenchless method is cheaper and less time-consuming yet it doesn’t require a significant excavation.

Sewer Line Repair – Conclusion

In short, it’s important to have your sewer lines repaired quickly. If you find that they’re severely damaged or damaged across the entire property, it is necessary repair them before having new ones installed. This is the job of experts such as the Sewer Fixers who know the best way to tackle complicated repairs like this.

Contact the Sewer Fixers now for a free estimate or go to our web site if need more information on trenchless pipe repair, or to replace the sewer line you have damaged.