Inspection Camera

The Sewer Fixers use a special plumbing inspection camera for thorough pipe inspections. The inspection camera works whether pipes are underground or in the walls. These highly-specialized cameras assist us in identifying problem areas quickly so we can fix them. Our plumbing inspection camera has a flexible shaft for easily going around corners all while creating real-time video images. Our waterproof inspection camera is one of our technologically advanced sewer fixing tools and it improves the level of our sewer and drain services. We offer the inspection in the Lamar, Holly, Granada, Wiley, Las Animas, La Junta, Rocky Ford, Swink, Fowler, Manzanola, and Ordway communities and Prowers County, Bent County. Crowley County and Otero County.

When Pipe Line Inspection Is A Huge Advantage For You

Our pipeline inspection can help find and solve numerous problems including:

  • Cracked, broken, or collapsed pipes
  • Offset pipes – sewer pipes which have moved out of alignment because of shifts in the soil, frozen ground or settling
  • Blockage – our drain inspection services easily identifies where grease has accumulated or an object (like roots for example) is preventing proper flow
  • Corrosion – this happens when sections of a broken or deteriorating pipe collapse and restrict the drain water flow
  • Bellied pipe – this happens when a part of the pipe sinks due to soil conditions and create low spot
  • Leaking joints – our powerful drain inspection camera can pinpoint exactly where the seals between pipes have cracked
  • Root intrusion – roots can sneak into the sewer line and damage pipes and prevent normal cleaning
  • Off-grade pipe – our camera reveals when pipes are made from low-quality material that may have failed due to deterioration

Despite any problems you are facing with your sewer and drain plumbing system, our experts can use the pipeline inspection camera and other tools to assess what needs fixed and find the most affordable solution. How long your plumbing lasts depends heavily on technicians you hire. If you want great results, take time to choose a good contractor.

How Much Does a Professional Plumbing Camera Inspection Cost?

Wondering about the plumbing camera inspection cost in Lamar, CO? Contact 800-883-1942 to discover affordable prices. We can be reached 24/7 and we can send an expert to help you at virtually any time. If you’ve been searching for “plumbers with cameras near me”, you have found what you need. Call us to discuss your sewer and drain plumbing needs and the possible plumbing camera inspection cost.

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