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Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning

We offer residential, commercial, and industrial drain cleaning services at affordable rates.

Inspection Camera

Inspection camera

The Sewer Fixers use a special plumbing inspection camera for thorough pipe inspections. 

Hydro Jetting


Hydro jetting plumbing is a technique that experts use to clear pipes. First, we inspect the pipes using an inspection camera

Having sewer problems?



Cleaning out your pipes is always part of our sewer line rehabilitation process. We use a hydro-jet or mechanical clean to clear out roots, debris and corrosion that are clogging your pipes. This creates a smooth surface for our liner, ensuring it cures properly and creates a long-lasting “pipe-within-a-pipe

 The Sewer Fixers provides expert sewer line cleaning, repair, and replacement for the Lamar, CO area – at the time you specify. Our licensed plumbers make short work of the worst sewer pipe clogs, including tree roots. Call or Schedule Online for fast and affordable service.


The  Sewer Fixers are trained to solve all types of sewer and drainage issues that result in the least amount of disruption and the lowest cost possible.

For example, many homes have old sewer lines consisting of deteriorating cast iron, clay, and orange berg.   Over time, these fail due to time, water, rust, sewage, roots, and so on.   The old way of solving this was for plumbers to dig everything up which often means tearing up yards, sidewalks, and even pavement.   The repair cost of that alone can be thousands of dollars – and that’s before the sewer problem is fixed.

But the Sewer Fixers don’t dig up yards, sidewalks or pavement because we use modern techniques to fix sewers such as pipe lining, pipe inversion and even pipe bursting.   None of these tear-up yards or sidewalks and cost less than total replacement yet are as good or better than total replacement.

So if you have sewer issues and need them fixed quickly without disruption at affordable rates, call us now at 719-688-1054

Our sewer and draining services consist of hydro jetting, root removal, spot repairs, pipe lining, and more. If you have a problem with sewer and drain lines, it is safe to say that we are your best choice.

Some of the services we provide include hydro-jetting, hydro excavation, and drain clearing. Our technicians are sewer-fixing experts and will even handle your issues expertly.

As a premier sewer and drain solutions contractor, we are at your service 24/7. The philosophy is to respond to your calls promptly and addressing all your problems as soon as possible. We have a well-trained team whose goal is to fix your issue with the least amount of downtime and cost.  It’s safe to say when it comes to fixing sewers, we are the premiere experts.

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