Drain Cleaning

For all your sewer drain cleaning needs, we are just a call away. Our experts are available around the clock to help you with drain cleaning services to Lamar and Prowers County, Bent County and Otero County. We service Lamar, Holly, Granada, and Wiley communities in Prowers County. We also offer services to the Las Animas community in Bent County. We also offer services to La Junta, Rocky Ford, Manzanola and Fowler in Otereo County. We use advanced equipment for all our work and our technicians are highly trained.

Our services are residential, commercial, and industrial drain cleaning at affordable rates. Whether your sewer issue is in your home, business, restaurant, hotel, or other location, we are the premier provider of sewer services.

Drain Cleaning Services

Our range of drain cleaning services include the following:

Hydro Jetting

Our unique and powerful tools that instantly eliminate drain blockage consisting of debris, grease, limescale, and other item buildups. Our expert technicians send a specialized hose into your drainage system that releases pressurized water to remove the clog. Hydro jetting is a safe and cost-effective drain cleaning method.

Sprayed in place pipelining

Thanks to our modern equipment that utilizes high-tech technology, we offer trenchless pipeline repairs. Our process uses sprayed-in-place pipelining which is an advanced and highly-reliable rehabilitation solution that creates a new lining in the system.

Our experts insert a spray head into your pipeline. The spray head releases a thin layer of proprietary pipe lining material. The material is an epoxy and polyurea used to coat the pipeline interior walls in this operation.

Spot repair

Also called localized repair, this drain cleaning service is a great technique for rehabilitation of older pipelines. For hard-to-fix defects in pipe, this trenchless method eliminates having to replace pipes and is truly cost-effective. Our experts will evaluate your sewer and drain system to identify what repairs are needed.

Drain line restoration

Even though you can choose trench drain cleaning, trenchless alternatives are recommended to restore drain lines back to efficiency. Despite your pipeline needing a small section repaired or the entire line, we have the skill, technicians and tools to fix it.

Trenchless pipe repair

Trenchless pipe repair methods can be done in several ways.  The method used depends on your needs and preference.

While being cost-effective, trenchless pipe repair techniques are highly-reliable for emergencies. Our experts will assess the condition of your pipeline via sewer camera video to know what repair procedure should be used.

We offer our one-of-a-kind drain cleaning services to the residents and businesses of Lamar, Colorado. Stop waiting to get it fixed. Call us now at 800-883-1942 for peace of mind from our meticulous drain cleaning services.

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